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Function meets fabulous with these adorable and functional, high quality grooming smocks and aprons.

All of our grooming jackets and aprons are made with a high quality fabric that wicks water and hair away.

Our premium fabric is like no other. All of our pet groomer apparel has the highest quality zippers on the market.

No more broken zippers! Our smocks are functional too! You asked for better pockets and we provided! All of our pockets are vertical and zippered, so you can avoid the large hair pocket monsters.

Quality First!

Feel Fabulous at Work!

A grooming smock or apron is an essential piece of your wardrobe. If you are a hairstylist, esthetician, or a dog groomer, you need the highest quality possible as the daily wear and tear of your daily duties requires it. Our smocks and grooming aprons are bleach and color resistant.

It is time to freshen up your look! Feel confident among clients and peers.

The pet industry is moving toward a more professional look, and we are here to help! Not only are our smocks adorable, but they hold up to the daily wear and tear of grooming!

If you need to follow a dress code, our solid color smocks are perfect. Shop for the best dog grooming smock today!

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Love this clothing line! The smocks are all super cute but also practical. Love love love the leggings with the handy pockets! All of their fits are flattering while still allowing me to move and do my job. Great quality products!
— Tonia Linda
Pet groomer showing off her Black Cap Sleeve smock with custom print on it and dog in background.. it.
Customer Reviews
Retro Stylist Wear is the best grooming smock company!!!! The smocks hold up so well and I especially love that I can dye my dogs and not have to worry about staining! My daughter loves them too!
— Leslie Waldrep
Leslie and her daughter wearing cap sleeve grooming smocks
Customer Reviews
!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it !!!!!
Cute designs, great and durable material !smocks are great for all seasons of course ♡ and I like just wearing aprons for summer time ♡
Before I go to work, put it on, makes me feel good every time : D cuz I know that I am wearing CUTE stuff ♡
— Megumi Takayama
Purple dog grooming apron

Who Are We?

We are groomers who want to help groomers! We make grooming apparel, stylist smocks, and salon apparel for professional Pet Groomers, Barbers, and Hairstylists. We created this collection in hopes of making you feel pretty while getting dirty!

We own a chain of Pet Grooming salons in Northern Indiana. After falling in love with Retro Stylist Wear products, it made sense for us to go forward with purchasing the company. We are a small, family run business and we love working on this company with our seven children.

Shop our most popular Style!

Our Baseball Groomer smocks are our number 1 seller! They look great on a multitude of body types and come in 5 different colors! These smocks have our signature vertical, zippered pockets and are made of the highest quality fabric to ensure they hold up and look great while you work!

If you want to look professional and fashionable, this dog grooming smock is for you. Pet stylists are guaranteed to love our hair resistant grooming smocks.

Our garments are not "one size fits all" our goal is to create different silhouettes to fit a multitude of body types. When ordering your favorite style, please be sure to swipe left in the photo section to see the size guide for the garment you wish to purchase.