Sophia Cap Sleeve Coral



The Sophia dog grooming smock by Retro Stylist Wear is a sleek & fun garment that combines a slimming design with water-resistant & hair-resistant fabric. Stand out with unique, one-of-a-kind patterns while maintaining a professional style. Designed for all-day comfort & built to withstand the rigors of daily pet grooming tasks. 

    • [Water Resistant] The water-resistant fabric & quick-drying grooming clothing ensures you stay dry, even when faced with splashes & spills. 
    • [Hair Resistant & Fur Resistant] Effortlessly brush or blow off hair. This garment only requires a quick cleanup & helps maintain a clean & polished appearance at all times. 
    • [Durable Fabric] Lightweight smock crafted from durable 100% polyester for long-lasting wear without weighing you down. Stands up to the wear & tear of cat grooming or dog grooming, including bathing & nail scratches.
    • [All-Day Comfort] Indulge in all-day comfort & full range of motion. Features a pleat on the back to offer additional shoulder room. 
    • [Slimming Design] Elevate your dog grooming smock selection with this sophisticated slimming design. Smock features cap sleeves, versatile collar & darts under the armpits. 
    • [Zipper] Featuring a full zipper designed to keep hair out, complemented by a sleek pull for added polish to the pet grooming smock. 
    • [Pockets] Two pockets on either side of the grooming smock. Reversed for easier access. Large enough to hold essentials like shears & cell phones. 
    • [Fitted] Experience a snug fit that outlines the body, offering a stylish & fun look ideal for slender body types. 
    • [Professional] Professional grooming jacket impresses customers with presentation & style. Quickly wipe off fur & debris to look presentable for clients.
    • [Color]


  • Available in exclusive colors and one-of-a-kind patterns
  • [Women's] Great for female groomers! Grooming shirt for women - available in women’s sizes XS-2XL.

[Washing Instructions] Wash warm on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry low. Avoid ironing or dry cleaning.