Zipper Clip


When you order, specify which collection you're interested in. We will choose a single zipper clip at random from the collection of your choosing. 

Add this cute accessory to any smock to dress it up a bit! All zipper clips come with either a clasp or a metal spring hook to attach to a zipper. 

We have dozens of different zipper clips to attach to a zipper to add a little flare to your grooming clothes! Choose from one of our collections: dog shapes, dog heads, large butterflies, small single-color butterflies, teddy bears, flowers & flower hearts, silver hearts, gemstones, colorful hearts, skulls and colored balls. 

For dog zipper clips, we have two collections! One collection contains smaller zipper clips ranging from bones to full-body dog silhouettes. The other collection contains two-tone dog heads of different breeds.

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