Charlotte Kitty Garden


  • [Water Resistant] This pet grooming smock boasts water-resistant fabric that ensures quick drying, ideal for keeping groomers comfortable & ready for any task. 

  • [Hair Resistant & Fur Resistant] Crafted with specialized fabric that effortlessly repels hair & fur, keeping groomers clean. 

  • [Durable Fabric] Constructed from durable 100% polyester. Withstands the rigors of daily grooming sessions, provides longevity & reliability. 

  • [All-Day Comfort] Indulge in all-day comfort & full range of motion. Features a double vent on the back bottom to prevent the grooming shirt from riding up when sitting or bending. 

  • [Cinch Tie & Sleeveless] Elevate your style with this adorable cinch tie at the waist, perfect for accentuating your figure or simply adding a touch of flair to your look. Stay cool & unrestricted during grooming sessions with this sleeveless design. 

  • [Zipper] Concealed zipper that keeps hair at bay, paired with a refined pull for a polished finish on this dog grooming smock. Convenient snaps at both the top & bottom. 

  • [Relaxed Fit] Loose yet flattering fit that doesn’t compromise on style. 

  • [Professional] Sleek presentation impresses clients. Easy-to-clean fabric by quickly wiping off fur & debris. Keeps you looking professional throughout the day. 

  • [Color] Available in exclusive Retro prints and colors.

  • [Women’s] Great for female groomers! Grooming shirt for women - available in women’s sizes XS-3XL.

  • [Washing Instructions] Wash warm on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry low. Avoid ironing or dry cleaning.